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Shalom Eden Ministries website is Messianic and Christian Missionary Alliance for all who seeks a transforming relationship with Yeshua ישוע. Our mission is to bring an understanding from a Hebraic perspective of the Scripturesand are dedicated to restoring the Hebraic roots of Faith.

Shalom Eden Ministries mission is to facilitate the move of God to restore the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith to all believers. With the help of the Holy Spirit רוח הקודש (Ruach Hako'desh) through demonstrating the practical unity of the body of Yeshua our Messiah we are standing unequivocally for biblical truth, speaking and serving the Hebraic heritage of our foundations.

We help believers understanding the spiritual significance and importance of the Sabbath and the Biblical Feast Days for every believer in Yeshua ישוע so that they can begin to understand why their observance should become a part of our spiritual lives.Through our expressions of love, dedication and support to Israel, we also express Elohim's love and mercy by building sincere relationships worldwide through Hebraic education, providing hope and reconciliation.


Today's Poem

Donít ever sever the lifeline
that links you to
the Father in heaven
who cares for you.

Today's Thought

Would you have your songs endure?
Build on the human heart .

Today's Action

Contemplate new ways to extend your voice and bring beauty to the world.

Today's Prayer

Lord, thank You for the opportunities weíre given
to share the message of faith with one another each and every day.
Avi,thank You for Your Love. Amen .



how to blow a shofar

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The ESV Study Bible was created to help people understand the Bible in a deeper way to understand the timeless truth of Godís Word as a powerful, compelling, life-changing reality. To accomplish this, the ESV Study Bible combines the best and most recent evangelical Christian scholarship with the highly regarded ESV Bible text. The result is the most comprehensive study Bible ever published with 2,752 pages of extensive, accessible Bible resources.

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The Complete Hebrew Bible the only English version of the Bible and the presentation that includes both the Tanakh ("Old Testament") and the B'rit Hadashah (New Covenant, "New Testament"). Both Jews and Christians to see that the whole Bible is Hebrew based, the B'rit Hadashah as well as the Tanakh.

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